Teun Somers
Teun Somers
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Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

Family Love
I am the father of two, I love gardening and I live in a hamlet near Delft. I have a low tolerance for ego and a love for simplicity. Want to talk growth, gardening or design?

Don't hesitate to get in touch. I’m on Twitter and Linkedin if you want to follow along. You can also e-mail me.

be vulnerable

be courageous

be humble

Someone who thinks they know it all is a liability. Someone who has learned to walk in humility, to be curious, and to engage others collaboratively, is more likely to succeed.
Vulnerability is an essential ingredient 
in any relationship. Being able to be vulnarable, is being able to function. Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.
Today, I will choose courage over comfort. I can’t make any promises for tomorrow, but today I will choose to be brave. Integrity is choosing courage over comfort.
User Experience
My key strengths are, design thinking, user experience design, visual and user interface design, a strong understanding of interactive and strategic possibilities & getting things done. Working alongside a wide range of clients, from crypto start-ups to established companies, my aim is always to find intelligent solutions.
UX Design
Visual & UI Design
Experimenting & Ideation
UX Strategy
Content Strategy
User Research
Art Direction
Adobe CC
Design Thinking
Customer Journey Mapping
Defining Persona’s
Lean UX Canvas
Product Value Mapping
Hypotheses & Testing
CRO Funnel
Design Systems

20+ years digital design experience

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Digital Media Design (BA & MA)
@ HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht

Graphic Design & Advertising
@ Sint Lucas, Boxtel
Lead Product Designer
@ Aviva Solutions
Senior Digital Designer
@ Tam Tam (Dept Agency)

Art Director
@ 105NL

Senior Digital Designer
@ Elastik

Digital Product Designer
@ BNG Bank